Hi there,
I am offering my three year old, Golden Retriever named Molly. She is a purebred, CKC Registered, with hip and eye certification. My family and I breed golden retrievers and as a pup, Molly came back to us because she was too hyper for the family she went to.
When Molly came back to us at six months, she was very hyper and now living with three other goldens, she has become more hyper. On her own, she can calm down a bit after running around. I have been working with dogs for nine years and I have trained her basic obedience and the very basics of agility. Since Molly is so active, she loves walks, I have biked with her a few times but being a student, I don't have time to provide this or training to her everyday. She is an amazing walking partner and running partner, alert to your moves.
For Molly to go to the perfect home, she would need to go to a family with no other dogs, she hasn't been well socialized with them as a puppy and now isn't comfortable and is protective of her territory. This family would have to give her lots of exercise daily, lots of training and attention. Molly loves people, loves to please and loves to retrieve bumpers and balls. I would like it if the family had a large backyard and lived in the country. For her first six months, Molly was a house dog, but when she came back to us, she is now a garage/outdoor run dog. Also , this family would have to have had dogs in the past and know how to handle and train a high energy dog.
To give Molly the best life, I need to give her to a home that can give her that. Please e-mail me if you think can. Thanks.